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Are split-ends splitting your beard?

Are split-ends splitting your beard?

Just like social networking sites have been after Snapchat’s Stories’ feature, my bandholz too was an inspiration for many of my friends and family. Raghu, my cousin too was one of them and despite being always sceptical about facial hair suiting him couldn’t resist the charm of bandholz this time.

As you know by now, that first few weeks are actually the toughest in the beard journey but unfortunately, for Raghu itching and dryness of the first couple of weeks that he braved with aplomb were not the only hurdles before he could sport a bomb bandholz.Are split-ends splitting your beard?

Bandholz requires you to let your hair loose quite literally. But for Raghu, reaching the desired length became an uphill task in the face of dreaded split ends. Split ends aren’t just ugly to look at; they are actually damaging for your beard growth.

But before we deal with the cure of the problem, let’s look at what causes split ends. Split ends occur on the ends of hair strands making them instantly visible. The split hair strands besides giving you an unkempt look also make your beard feel coarse and rough. They are often caused when your beard reaches a certain length and has begun to dry out.

It’s simple science.If you don't keep your facial fuzz well hydrated with a high quality, effective beard growth oil, you're going to hit one problem after another as your beard continues to grow out. Beard oils supplement your body’s natural sebum oil to ensure that your entire beard is getting the nourishment it needs.

Other reasons for nagging split ends could be overheating, dyeing or silicone based products. Harsh chemical based shampoos, conditioners or oils are a strict No when it comes to your beard. Try natural products as far as possible like our Alfa Wolf Beard Growth Oil.

Except for emergencies, I strictly advise not to go for hairdryers to dry your hair. Hair-dryers often lead to overheating, sapping our facial hair of all its natural oils and resulting in split ends. 

Now that you know what causes beard, here’s how to fix the problem. Regular trimming is one fool-proof way of doing away with split ends forming within your beard. Every beard needs regular trimming to keep it in pink of health. You do not necessarily need to visit a professional for this; trimming could be easily done at home too.

Another important thing to note here is that while combing your beard is a must, overdoing anything could be detrimental to your hair. Always use a big-toothed comb or try a brush if you prefer so. 

Also, it's necessary to keep your hair well hydrated with some good conditioners or oils. Natural oils like argan, jojoba, hempseed, sweet almond, and coconut oil are proved to be great for making beard softer (and hair). It’s no coincidence that the same oils are found in many of BeardBaba hair care products without being heavy in your pockets. 

A good, healthy diet is also must for healthy hair. Foods high in protein such as eggs, yoghurt, lean beef, chicken, and fish will give you a wide array of benefits for all the hair on your body.

Well, now I guess split ends won’t scare you anymore. As for Raghu, he is an inspiration for this piece, and his patience and hard work did work out a perfect bandholz for him finally.

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