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Petite Goatee

Petite Goatee

Go for this beard style when you are ready for a change, because it dramatically improve your looks.

Petite Goatee Beard Style is one of the members of Goatee family which is grown out beyond the edge of the chin. It is shaped to a point, resembling an upside-down triangle.

Sharing similarities with chin puff, you have to maintain the flexibility in the shape if you're aiming a Petite Goatee Style.

Like other beard styles, the petite goatee requires proper grooming and care to grow and maintain. 

Your chin hairs need to be at least half an inch in length to be styled into a Petite Goatee, so avoid shaving your chin area in the initial stages.

This simple process includes spending two weeks growing a normal goatee before you get to work on shaping it into a Petite Goatee. First, trim your beard hair length evenly, but be careful not to trim too much beard off in an effort to look even.

For the best style results, keep the hair shorter on your neck and cheeks, which will define the shape.

And you have just mastered the Petite goatee style!

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