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Shenandoah beard

Shenandoah beard

This is a style of beard, wherein the hair is grown full and long over the jaw and chin, meeting the sideburns. This style doesn’t include a moustache.

There are two sub-styles under this which include: • Chin Curtain: The beard grows along the jaw line and covers the entire chin. This does not extend beyond the jaw line.

• Chinstrap Beard: The beard grows along the jaw line, but does not fully cover the chin. This may extend beyond the jaw line.

Facts related to this style are: This beard style was made famous by individuals such as Álvaro Pombo

In 1970, writer Álvaro Pombo was a cultural icon associated with this style of beard.

In the U.S. this style remains common among married Amish men. Male members of this section generally grew a beard after they get baptized, but shave their moustache off as it was associated with the military service.

It has been adopted by many fictional characters such as Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda, and “Gargoyles” the Disney animated series - notably Hudson. Brad Pitt Shenandoah beard

In current times we have a celebrity icon that has carried this style, he is Brad Pitt.

The men of the Islamic community follow this style of beard; it is now being associated as a part of their religion identification.

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