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Rap Industry Beard Style

Rap Industry Beard Style

Made famous in the mid-90s by rap musicians, Rap Industry Standard Beard Style is a highly thin line of hair that extends from the sideburns and along the jawline and into a pencil moustache.

This beard style looks very much similar to a Van Dyke, only that in the Rap Industry Standard, the lines of hair are much thinner and detailed. 

Sometimes the chin area can be extended to meet at the hairline, extenuating the jaw line. While it’s truly just a hint of a beard, this is apt for men with a diamond face shape to attain the professional look.

The Rap Industry Standard is a style that was popularised by rappers and hip-hop musicians in the 1990s.

The Rap Industry Standard should not reach far off the face, and its hairline should be a centimetre wide at maximum. The point of this is to make it look as meticulous and professionally groomed as possible. If you’re looking to do this yourself, use a small, personal beard trimmer to sculpt those thin lines.

But for a perfect look, I suggest visiting a salon.

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