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Sparrow Beard Style

Sparrow Beard Style

"I regret nothing, ever," said the ever great Jack Sparrow, the Hollywood heartthrob. Obviously, I'm talking about the famous character of Pirates of Carribean merchandise. So if you want to try this beard style, you better not regret later.

If you want to carry some banner to prove your fan-love for Jack Sparrow, then this beard style is your answer, buddy. Jack Sparrow Beard style is a mix of moustache, Soul Patch and goatee-like braided whiskers, which look like an anchor beard.

Because this beard style is an attention grabber, you need to detail it carefully. 

Sparrow Beard style

First, shave the cheeks and neck clean, leaving the hair above the lip, below the lower lip and on the chin intact. Now be patient and allow the moustache to grow just beyond the corners of the mouth.

Now you have to work for Soul Patch, which should be in a triangular shape, pointing down towards the chin. You will also need to allow the hair around the chin to extend and grow four to five inches out from the bottom of your chin.

The final step, part chin hair into two strands and braid or fasten the strands with beads. And you're done, buooy! This beard style will bring out your rebel side and give you a different look with the Jack Sparrow touch.

This beard style is most suited for an oval or rectangular face but even otherwise it’s an ode to the pirate, so be brave and kill the look with elan.

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