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Chin Curtain

Chin Curtain

I would always recommend you to choose beard style which helps you to stand out in the crowd, and Chin curtain is one of them. With minimum maintenance, Chin Curtain Beard style defines and emphasises jaw line and chin.

The chin curtain beard calls for a clean-shaven upper lip and neck, as well as trimmed cheeks.

Chin Curtain is also known as Donegal, Chin Strap. There are basically three types of chin curtain beard styles. First, the small, narrow chin curtain that’s about an inch wide, with the hair about an inch long. The second one displays a mid-length and width beard, which grows out about two inches, whereas the third one is a wider, full-length chin curtain with hair about three to four inches in length.

However, the perfect chin curtain should be about two inches long. Beards that are shorter than this are Chin Straps and beards longer than the four-inch chin curtain are Shenandoahs.

It was Abraham Lincoln and Alvaro Pombo a renowned writer, who made the Chin curtain style famous in the 70's. Apart from this famous style, many married Amish men kept the style as an identification mark.

Chin curtain is suited best for men with a diamond or oval shaped face, which will give a balancing look to your face.

First, trim your beards to 3 to 5 mm and then clean shave your cheeks, moustache and the area below your bottom lip. For a cool, more balanced look, trim to slightly different lengths on your chin, along with your jaw line.

Compared to other beard styles, you have very less to do when it comes to maintaining Chin curtain beard. But remember to trim your facial hair at regular intervals to maintain the primary shape.

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