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Short Boxed Beard Style

Short Boxed Beard Style

People think men grow beard just to impress ladies or as a style statement. Well, those may be the perks of having a beard, but surely not the reason why we have a beard. Ask any bearded man, "What is the best part of your beard?", and I'm pretty sure that you'll receive an answer, "It's a part of me". And that is so true.

My beard is an integral part of who I am, which reflects in everything I do, even professionally. But that is not the case with all men. There are certain professional ethics and mannerisms, something we all have to respect, even with our beard style. So if you're looking for a beard style which can give you a touch of a full beard, maintaining the ‘corporate look', your answer is, 'Short Boxed Beard'.

Short Boxed Beard Style

Basically, the Short Boxed Beard style is an alternate version of the Full Beard style, which is trimmed down carefully so it doesn’t get bushy. This beard style will give your face embossed borders and highlight your cheekbones and the jaw line. The whiskers are limited to the cheeks, upper lip, and chin and extend just an inch or two beneath the chin.

The USP of the short boxed beard is that it can do wonders for a man’s face making for right highlights to his facial features. For example, men with angular or heart-shaped faces can achieve the needed balance in a face with a short boxed beard. Similarly, the short boxed beard style can add needed straight lines and hard angles for round or oval faces.

Giving a more masculine look to the face, Short boxed beard style can complement any face shape because it relies on your beard’s natural shape.

In order to attain this look, shave your beard from the less dense areas of your cheeks to highlight cheekbones and other bone structure. According to your natural beard growth, use your trimmer to create a slanted border from your sideburn to the moustache. Try to maintain a balance between both sides of your face so the beard appears symmetrical.

The short boxed may look neat and easy but it demands a lot of maintenance. You will have to shave your beard two to three times a week to maintain the borders and length.

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