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HuliHee Beard Style

HuliHee Beard Style

As a combination of Franz Josef Beard Style and Friendly Mutton Chops, Hulihee beard style is for oval faces with wavy and fuller hair growth.

A little spoiler alert here, this beard style could make you look like a military officer straight from 1800's.

The well-groomed moustache is connected to the beard and is extended through ears, resembling that of a Hawaiian beard style. 

Hulihee beard style may look like mutton chops but there is a crucial difference between the both. Emphasizing the definition and length of the chops, the variance is in the endpoints, which are combed and allowed to grow up to 4-11 weeks and lengthened up to almost 3 inches. 

Like Franz Josef Beard Style, this beard style will test your patience and courage. You have to grow your beard for four to six weeks, after which you have to shave your chin and neck-area completely leaving only the moustache and cheek beard intact.

Trim your moustache to a length of about half an inch. You can also keep the uppermost border of your beard natural or you could groom it if your hair growth is unruly. 

Finally, apply medium hold wax to flare your long beard outwards, you can use a beard comb too. There, you're done! 

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