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Beard dyeing, Why not?

Beard dyeing, Why not?

Brother, if you are one of those who thinks men have very limited amount of fashion or grooming options, then you certainly need to check my blogs more often. And now here's another option to add that extra edge to your otherwise 'routine' look, 'dye your beard'.

If you are giving me those looks, I may presume that you have never thought of dyeing your beard.


But, why not?

You can dye your beard green, red, blue, purple or pink. Depending on your taste, preferences and personality.  If you are as passionate as me about your beard, you will naturally want to pamper, experiment and nourish it. So what's the surprising factor here?

Some men dye their beard to hide their grey hair or just to improvise their looks. Usually, beard hair is lighter in color than the hair on the head, which can add a unique look to your personality. However, at times it can also add few unwanted years to your face, making you look older.

Shaving is, of course, not an option. But dyeing your beard is a 'welcome' option.

Like many women, men also take a step back because of the 'fears' related to it.  Here's a wrap on how dyeing your beard may be a step in the right direction.

Choose the right color:

Here's the thumb rule, pick a color that matches the color of your (head) hair color, eyebrows or even eyeballs. Or in case, you just want to experiment, why don't you experiment with your hair first instead of beards? I'm saying this because if you choose the wrong color, it will take weeks to undo it. And if you don't have enough tolerance level, you might have to sacrifice your beard.

Make sure that you don't choose a different color, or else your beard will not look natural. You can also choose a shade lighter than that of your hair, to avoid the 'what-did-he-do-to-his-beard' look. To get a more clear idea, check this image:

Beard baba dyeing your beards

For the first timers, visit a good salon and take recommendations from experts.

Pre and post care

Avoid dyeing your beard if you have any cuts or burns, obviously because facial skin is sensitive. I would strongly recommend a patch test if you have sensitive skin or you're allergic to certain chemicals.

Before dyeing your beards: 1. Don't shampoo or condition your beard for at least one day before you go to the salon. That will help better penetration of color. 2. If you want to avoid staining on skin uncovered with beards, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly. 3. If you're dyeing your beard for any specific occasion, color your beard a few days before the event to attain the natural look.

After dyeing your beard: 1. You can use moisturizer or aloevera gel to bring to maintain the moisture, after dyeing your beard. It will also give you a nice cooling effect. 3. Just pamper them more and more.

Photo: Yahoo Sports

How to maintain the color?

All beard dye formulas are semi-permanent. Hence, color will fade with each wash. Sadly, it won't grow with your beard. To extend the life of your beard color, just rinse the beard rather than washing your beard.

You can also use hair dye for beards. However, for beards use a 10 volume developer and the sitting time is also lesser. And permanent dye will grow out with your beard, which will require precise attention to the roots.

You can also opt for 'Henna' for more natural look, which will last for 4-8 weeks.

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