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Bollywood’s Beard Brigade

Often Sundays get boring. After finishing all the domestic chores, when I don’t have much to do, I usually land up at some bookstore with my friends. I am an avid reader, and I love to hear about my friend's interpretations and perceptions about various things.

This time, on our way to the store, when our auto was standing at a traffic light waiting for the green signal, I saw an old man selling magazines. They were all lifestyle or film based magazines and though I am not much into films and gossiping, Filmfare just got me hooked on its cover page. A quick flip through was all I needed to buy that magazine.

My friend aptly put it; the magazine looked like an ‘ode to beard’. From Shahrukh Khan to Shahid Kapoor to Ranveer Singh to Farhan Akhtar, Aamir Khan and who not (ahh I am gasping for breath), beards are the latest rage in B-town.

Beards in Bollywood  

Shahrukh Khan Though, Shahrukh looks super cool in whatever he sports, his Raees look – bearded and bespectacled- added an all new dimension and depth to his character that matched well with a finesse of Nawazuddin Siddiqui.


Shahid Kapoor
But for me, the name that has redefined the full-bearded look in the Film industry is Shahid Kapoor. If Shahid’s beard has up the ante for the Rangoon actor( I am eagerly awaiting the movie esp for Kangana Ranaut), the actor too has given a new definition to fierce full beard. Ask me how difficult it could be to manage that beard at times, but Shahid makes it look so easy and flawless every time. Respect bro!

Ranveer Singh
And when we are talking about Shahid, how can we forget his Padmavati co-star Ranveer Singh whose flamboyance is second to none in the industry. What separates Singh from his co-stars is that he never shies away from experimenting. And though, I might not like his mane every time (as if he cares! Lol) his confidence and his attitude takes its away.

Aamir Khan
Aamir’s post-Dangal whiskers left many envying the Perfectionist's luxurious run at the box-office and also his beard. But, I believe, the actor can take some tips from Shahid on how to glam up or style that beard.


Farhan Akhtar
The versatile actor certainly deserves a spot on the list of best-looking actors who have owned the bearded look historically. Akhtar has time and again proved with his range of stubbles and beards that he can pull off any look without much ado.

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