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5 most common beard problems and their solutions

5 most common beard problems and their solutions

Well, this piece is both in self-interest and public interest. As the beard fraternity and beard brotherhood is going strong so are the questions related to beard problems.

So, I thought why not take them all head-on at one go and get sorted. Hey, don’t get swayed by the statement. As sculpting a beard takes time, so does its maintenance. For a hale and healthy beard, you need to take care of it and don’t give up just as yet. So, here we go. From itchy beard to brittle hair, I am sharing with you solutions for 5 most common beard problems with both science and experience at my back.

Itchy beard

Itchiness on the face during the early days of growing a beard is perhaps the most common beard problem that often gets unbearable and people jump to their knives. But, bro, just to put the facts straight; shaving too causes itching because you shave at an angle, and when hair regrow, they dig into the skin. And, dry skin makes it all worse.

The solution instead lies in some good oil massage before shower. You could pick either the great moisturizing effects of Argan oil or our good old Avocado oil. Rich in Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids, Argan oil makes for a perfect moisturizer and also acts as a hair conditioner. Without any greasy effect, it can prevent flaking too. You can also try The Jojoba oil or Shea butter for dry, scaly skin.

Lopsided beard

Though you need to keep the razor away when you are growing a beard but that doesn’t apply to your trimmer. Even when you are aiming for full beard, you still need to trim or else it gets wild and unkempt in no time. You can try our new product, for beard growth, which will help you get rid off itchiness.

For lopsided beard growth, its best to go for professional hands who know their job and are in a better position to curate it nicely. They can also give you tips on how to take it further. 

Beard acne

From a personal experience, this could often be the most irritating part about growing a beard. Acnes can be due to various causes like bacterial infection in the hair follicles or inflammation from ingrowing hair or shaving and sometimes even due to lack of hygiene.

So besides maintaining basic hygiene like washing your face with a mild face wash at thrice a day, you could also use oils which have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The best ones to try are tea tree oil, tamanu oil and the lemongrass one. All these oils have antiseptic properties that help fight beard acnes and keep skin healthy.

Brittle hair

While oily skin leads to acnes, dry skin leaves you with weak and brittle hair. This is the reason I always advise never to overdo shampoos and soaps because they sap out all the natural oils of the body.

To fix this one, use Vitamin E oil generously to massage your beard. This not only moisturizes your skin but encourages hair growth by stimulating capillaries. You could also try Rosemary oil that is also known to stimulate hair follicles, resulting in longer and stronger hair.

Tangles beard

You may love your luxurious mane but it needs to be dressed properly or else it would soon be tagged unhygienic and wild. As the beard gets thicker, it isn’t easy to manage facial hair that often end up all tangled up. To avoid this, remember to brush your beard at regular intervals. Don’t forget to use a good beard lotion to tame the dry ends.

So my dear brothers, always remember “Today is hard, tomorrow may be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be Sunshine.”

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