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Gushrush Anti-dandruff Beard Oil

Gushrush Anti-dandruff Beard Oil

So, I have spoken about beard dandruff before. But that piece was more about treating dandruff with various remedies. One of which was trying on ‘Beard Oils.’ But, more often than not, I have tried to find the perfect solutions for all beard problems. Hence, as part of it, I interacted with researchers, had long discussions and deliberations with a range of people and experts. We all concluded that skin flaking could be caused by two reasons.

Firstly, while dry skin is the primary culprit for dandruff problem that gets worse during cold weather, and lastly yeast infections too cause flaking in many bearded men. And though, shaving could solve these issue but just as you don’t go bald to cure your scalp dandruff, so is the case with your facial hair. 

So what’s the fix? If you think anti-dandruff shampoo is the solution to this then my dear friend you are fighting a lost battle. Anti-dandruff shampoos with their harsh chemicals only worsen the problem by sapping out all the essential oils of your skin leaving it dry and irritated.

Consider the third product from our Beard Oil range- the Gushrush Anti-dandruff Beard Oil that contains Light mineral oils like, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Mustard Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, and Castor Oil. The oil is crafted first to soothe the skin and then work to eliminate dandruff.

With the fresh fragrance of Gushrush, the real star of this anti-dandruff bearding product is Olive oil which has anti-inflammatory properties to fight dandruff and keep skin hydrated. The light-weight oil works as a natural hair conditioner and could be used for all skin types. Both mustard and coconut oils have moisturising properties that prevent flaking due to dry skin. Coconut oil even helps with skin infections.

The sesame and castor oil blend in the oil makes for a polishing serum that makes hair stronger and less frizzy. What makes this beard oil better from rest of the market available options is that it’s devoid of any harsh chemicals like silicone and sulphates. 

The beard oil could be used daily without the heaviness and greasiness of standalone coconut oil which is also useful in treating dandruff. The perfect blend and the measured proportions of all the natural oils make this an ideal anti-dandruff beard oil for me and for those who prefer it light and easy both on their beard and on their pockets.

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