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Franz Josef Beard style

Franz Josef Beard style

Here comes an extravagant take on the mutton chops, the Franz-Josef beard style. And let me tell you this beard style is for the courageous beardsmen because it needs ample amount of patience to grow a long beard and then the courage to trim it down to almost half, to get this fantastic beard style.

The Franz-Josef beard style starts with sideburns that are stretched downwards, reaching the moustache or upper lip line. Like I told you before, the rest of the face including your neck, chin and cheeks need to be trimmed down completely to attain the look.

In the end, this beard style will look one solid endless line that covers above the upper lip but leaves everything else below it completely naked.

Named after the Franz Josef I, the 18th century Emperor of Austria and the King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia, the long sideburns merging into a moustache became known as the "Franz Josef" in the 19th century.

And to name celebrities who wore Franz Beard Style, after much research, I found Sean Connery wearing this beard sstyle for a movie titled, "The Man Who Would Be King", released in 1975. 

Considerting that you understood the significance of this beard style, you should start by growing a Verdi to flaunt this style. Then, shave your chin beard with a trimmer. Keep the cheeks and chin clean-shaven, and use a beard comb to maximise volume.

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