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Beard Growth Oil

From Bollywood to Cricketing corridors to your neighbourhoods, bearded chins can be seen all-around. Incidentally, many of them are actually first-timers. And this is the reason why my inbox is always flooded these days with beard queries. Interestingly, every third query in my mailbox or otherwise to me is ‘how do I increase my hair growth?’ So today, let’s talk (and walk) about this aspect of the bearding journey.

While hair growth has a lot to do with genetics (where I can’t help much), there are other non-genetic factors too that condition hair growth. It is here that beard oils can step in to help. Beard oils do exactly what hair oils do to the hair on your head- they promote follicular growth, and they make your hair stronger and thicker. Well, they could also double up as skin and hair moisturisers that add shine and body to your beard.

But, this is all general stuff about what beard oils do. While we know that beard oils are effective, but the real question is which beard oil one should use? People often ask me “What exactly do I use?” 

So, after months of discussions, research and collaboration with experts from across the country, I came up with a product that I could brand as my own and recommend to my friends without any doubt.

Presenting to you, Alpha Wolf, Beard Growth Oil from Beard Baba.

Perfect mix of all things natural

With Alpha Wolf fragrance, Beard Baba beard growth hair oil comes with a perfect mix and concentrations of light mineral oils like Sunflower Oil, Mustard Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, and Castor Oil. 

While sunflower oil provides extra nourishment to the hair with its rich vitamin and mineral base, mustard oil is your time-tested natural hair conditioner. The mustard component is especially useful for those with dry hair and often quit because of itchiness in their facial fuzz. 

The USP of this oil is that it’s a mix of many oils, each with a different benefit. This helps to make it ideal for almost all beard types. If mustard oil and sunflower oil nourish the facial hair, the sesame and coconut oil blend repairs and replenishes the damaged roots and prevents the occurrence of skin infections. 

Last but not the least is the use of Castor oil in it, which is essentially rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids. With moisturising properties, castor concentration in the oil makes hair stronger, less frizzy and easy to groom.

Silicone free

What differentiates this oil from over the counter available oil varieties is that it is silicone and sulphate free. Silicones cover the hair cuticles giving a synthetic shine, but they mask the true state of your hair. They may add lustre to your hair but, hamper hair growth in long term. So for a fuller and better hair growth, it’s always advisable to use hair oils that are silicone-free.

Importantly, most of the oils available in the market come with a heavy base that leaves a greasy effect. But not this one as it is light and non-sticky.

Very masculine, yet subtle the oil settles down pretty quickly. The beard oil is crafted with anti-oxidants that make it last really long and comes light on your pocket too.

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