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Beard Dandruff is for real, here's how to treat it

Beard Dandruff is for real, here's how to treat it

If you have landed on this page out of curiosity, then let me come straight to the point. Yes, dandruff can happen to your beard because it is not a problem that only affects your scalp. Now, if you are here for seeking answers then continue reading further. So, winters can be a little harsh for the beard. Especially because of dryness of skin, weather conditions, and even stress. Jon Snow does look hot with his beard and snowflakes. But remember he has snow on his beard, you have dandruff!


The first time I encountered it, I decided to buy an anti-dandruff shampoo and apply it. But that was not right. It might have worked momentarily but, the real reason behind my problem was my skin care regimen or the lack of it. Here I decided to share with you all how you can avoid getting into this situation time and again. Also, how you can come out of it, once you have beard dandruff.

1. Exfoliation

The exfoliating of skin beneath your beard is very easy and important before you step in the shower.
You shall need a beard brush for this because it helps in organizing the hair, detangling knots and exfoliates the skin beneath the beard. This will bring to surface any dandruff and also gets rid of any blackheads. Do not forget to take a shower after brushing.

2. Cleansing

So, once you have brushed your beard and shaken off all the ready-to-flake skin from your face. Cleansing  will help dissolve any of the dead, uppermost layer of skin and beneath it lies your healthy skin. So when in the shower just lather up your entire face and beard with something like a lactic cleanser or a beard cleansing shampoo.  Follow it up with a beard oil or moisturizer.

3. Moisturize
So, moisturizer is a tricky and actually messy. Hence, I always trust a beard oil.  It keeps your skin hydrated nourishes and softens facial hair. For dandruff try heating coconut oil and adding a little bit of lemon to it. But, this exercise should take place before bathing. On daily basis and regular care consider applying eucalyptus oil or grapeseed oil for instant relief from itchiness and dandruff. Later you must invest in beard care products that have natural essentials and oils.

A quick tip on how to apply Beard oil:

It can become a bit difficult to tame your long mane. Hence, in times like these a comb comes handy. Comb  your beard through because it helps to distribute the oil evenly. Remember one very important thing, that is to, warm up the oil in your palms and fingers before applying.  Then move your way up from beneath your chin and then across your face to the opposite cheek. Follow the same route and movements till you are done with the entire beard.

So, next time you are troubled by these unwanted guests in the form of dandruff flakes, follow these tips. Thank me later!

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