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The Klingon Beard Style

The Klingon Beard Style

You better be sure before trying out this beard style, because not many men can pull off this unique, Klingon beard style. But if you can wear this beard style with authority, you are sure to see some turned heads.

I'm sure you remember the Star Trek series, which showed us the future of movie technology way back in the 90’s. Popularised by the Klingons, the fictional extraterrestrial humanoid warrior species in the science fiction franchise Star Trek, Klingon Beard Style has been inspiring many beardsman since ages.

Klingon Beard Style is a full beard style without a moustache, but the connectors from the beard to the moustache are left intact. Unlike the Dutch or the Bandholz, the Klingon beard is a type of beard kept at a medium length.

To create a Klingon beard, grow a full beard before trimming it neatly. Then, shave off the moustache on your upper lip without tampering with the moustache and beard connection point.

The panache of this beard style is so great, that I'am yet to see any hollywood actor wear this beard style. Obviously, apart from the Klingon's of the Star Trek series.

You will be dazzled with the end result and moreover, you don't need to be a Star Trek fan to love this most unique of beard styles.

Klingon Beard style is definitely a head turner when worn the right way. It will ‘kling’on to your personality long after you are done!

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