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My Story of Love

My Story of Love

It is that time of the year again. I spot young boys and girls with Archies cards and roses expressing love on Valentines's. And like every year, I regret how they missed out on spending every day with their loved ones. Sigh.

Well, to tell you the truth all of us are too busy to spend and celebrate love. Hence, if you do celebrate this one day, do things that reach straight to her heart. My plan is set, and it's going to be all old-school with my personal touch.

Yes, my friend, try adding your personal flavour, to surprise your partner as well as yourself. Though, love has taken the digital route in today's Tinder age, #GoOldSchool. For instance, write letters instead of text messages, or cook food at home, instead of going to expensive restaurants.

Beard baba Golold schoolthis valentines day
Beard baba #Gololdschool this valentines day
Oh, wait!! Let me make it very clear at the beginning. I am as passionate about love as I am for my Beard. And I celebrate both the 'love' of my life, every day. In fact, I made it very clear in my last blog 'Beard Stereotypes', that having an (amazing) beard does not make me insensitive or any less eager for love.

Let's just go ahead and break the love stereotypes today.

Tinder age:

Beard baba love stereotypes
I'm not against these dating apps, or those who use it, but meeting people in a bar or cafe is different than checking people's profile in dating apps. Isn't it? Long hours conversation through text messages, and enjoying a deep conversation under a blanket of stars is what means 'real' conversation.

So celebrate (at least) February 14th together in the real world and not the virtual world. Or if the case is that you don't have a Valentine, go out and find one (without being creepy). Or else, just sit at home and show some love to your loved ones, parents, books, pet or friends. It is all about celebrating love.

Give yourself a second chance and move on:

It's not the end of your life; it's just a phase! Dealing with heartbreak is not easy, but suicide or alcohol addiction will not solve your problem. If that were the case, more than half population of this globe would be opting for it. Explore newer options and give life a second chance.

You can use this opportunity to create something new in you. Learn new things, meet new people. You deserve a second chance and also owe to move on. Love is not measured by the number of pegs you can drink. It is about the depth of your emotion and bonding.

Going beyond the cliche:

Don't confirm to any cliche, instead go beyond it. There is nothing wrong with the Live-in relationship. Marriage might be a name you give to your relationship.

Beard baba love stereotypes
But for people living in together, there is no shame in it. You do not need an institution to prove your love for each other. Live in relationships and marriages are two sides of the same coin. What's in a name?

Insecurities are not 'sign' of love
Beard bab Insecurity is behind it all
I have always seen jealousy and insecurity being promoted as first signs of love. But, believe me, or not it is the reason behind most break ups. If you are sure about your partner's love for you, then do not spare any space for doubts, apprehensions or insecurities. Give each other the space you need and maintain your identity.

To sum it up in one line- "To each his own. Make sure your love is never compromised. Because all is not fair in love and war."

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