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Breaking Beard Stereotypes

Breaking Beard Stereotypes

We have all heard of the common phrases "looks can be deceptive" or "don't judge a book by its cover." But, I hardly meet people who practice these for real. People are so obsessed with being judgmental, that today I decided to take the onus on myself to put things straight.

Whenever I meet people, they assume, presume and derive so much out of my beard while in reality, it is nothing but the art of sculpting and styling. I’ve seen people calling my beard names.

My beard has been my constant companion for long in different styles and sizes. So let me stop beating around the bush and put it straight- My Bandholz (my current style) is as much a part of my being as my hands, or my eyes are. Yes brothers and ladies, rest all is stereotyping.

Beard Stereotype one: Beards are a sign of laziness

beard baba Breaking Beard Stereotypes #1

C’mon, a beard is not an idle man’s work. It requires patience, hard work and so much nurturing. For my best friend’s wedding, it took me good two hours at the salon to get the perfect beard. Despite those couple of stares from his granny, I was a show stealer all the way, and he holds a grudge against me for the same till date.

This makes me curious how our current Indian Cricket team manages practice and beards so well man!

Beard Stereotype two: Beards make you a terrorist or a criminal

Beard baba breaking Beard Stereotypes

This one saddens me to the core. You cannot generalise beards with terrorism or criminals as you cannot generalise it with any one particular religion.

Beard baba breaking Beard Stereotypes

I feel saddened by the blatantly shameful portrayal of terrorists as Muslim bearded men in the post 9/11 era. For a few Osama bin Laden's or Mehmood Azhar, you cannot make an entire community suffer.

Beard Stereotype three: Beards are for jobless Romeos

beard baba breaking Beard Stereotypes #5

This one has been done to death. If you sport a beard, people think you have had a heartbreak and you are jobless. Let me assure you, beards are not always a sign of mourning or grief. I think at least television is trying to break this one. Remember I spoke about this sudden romantic air around beards on Indian television. They aren’t ‘Devdas’ anymore.

They have become the ‘sanskari sons,' young blood running successful business houses and heartthrobs for girls wanting to marry. Well, one less stereotype for me to break.

Beard Stereotype four: Beards are unhygienic

Beard baba breaking Beard Stereotypes #3

If you have been following the blogs, you already know, about studies that prove men with beards are hygienic than clean shaven men. There is no relationship of a well-kept beard with health and hygiene.

Beard Stereotype six: Beards do not make you insensitive towards clean-shaven men

beard baba breaking Beard Stereotypes

I agree I enjoy the company of my beard brothers. But the case is same with my clean-shaven friends also. No hard feeling bro!

Beard Stereotype five: Beards are Lucky!

Many of my friends often say that my beard is my lucky charm. I agree I'm doing reasonably well in business and have a beautiful spouse. But, I have had my fair share of ups and downs. Failures are part of life, and so are beards.

Beards are just beards, and they may seem charming to some, they do not have a magical spell make things fantastic.

Beard baba breaking Beard Stereotypes

See, bearded men are not criminals. Beards don’t have a profession or disposition. We humans have that. Beard is just a statement of your personality and your attitude. Period.

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