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'Beard' is the hottest accessory on the 'Red Carpet'

'Beard' is the hottest accessory on the 'Red Carpet'

I was watching the Golden Globe awards and later Jio Filmfare awards, and almost every male actor appeared with a beard. The beard looks depicted contrasting roles like some were from romantic movies while many represented the negative streaks of a character.

And that got me thinking that, no matter what, Beard is and will always remain the hottest trend on the red carpet for years to come. It defies boundaries of cinema and puts all actors on equal footing. I loved Shahrukh Khan's and Ryan Gosling's look. Both of them pulled it off with utmost panache and grace. Three cheers to them.

Let's start with Hollywood actors who appeared on the red carpet with Beards.

Ryan Gosling:

Beard baba 'Beard' is the hottest accessory on the 'Red Carpet'

Ryan Gosling, who portrays a jazz pianist falling in love with an aspiring actress in his latest movie, not only grabbed the award for La La Land, but also for sporting a subtle beard.

Dev Patel:

Beard baba 'Beard' is the hottest accessory on the 'Red Carpet'

You really have to appreciate the transformation of Dev Patel. You remember his movie Slumdog Millionaire where he was a clean-shaven guy? And now, for Lion, one of the nominated movies at Global awards, he is sporting a long subtle look. Yes, he should have followed some of my tips to get rid of the patchy beard, I agree!

Casey Affleck:

Beard baba 'Beard' is the hottest accessory on the 'Red Carpet'

Winner of the best performance in a motion picture (drama) was seized by Casey Affleck for ‘Manchester By The Sea’. Though in the movie he carries a low subtle look, for the award show he came with a full beard look. And the most interesting part is that with a beard and without a beard, Casey looks like two different personalities. Check him out here.

Other actors like Donald Grover, Tom Ford, Jeff Bridges, also sported subtle and long and sexy beard styles respectively.

Now coming to the Bollywood's Jio Filmfare Awards:

Shahrukh Khan:

Beard baba 'Beard' is the hottest accessory on the 'Red Carpet'

Starting with Shahrukh Khan, because, well that's how Bollywood works. He is everywhere! Promoting his upcoming movie, Raees, Shahrukh Khan was sporting an extended goatee beard style, which goes really well with suits!

Shahid Kapoor:

Shahid Kapoor

For me, Shahid Kapoor was the showstopper. Just look at his well-groomed full beard style. And to top it up, he was wearing an asymmetrical kurta paired with tailored trousers and brogues—all in black. And yes he also won critics’ awards for Udta Punjab.

Amitabh Bachchan:

Beard baba 'Beard' is the hottest accessory on the 'Red Carpet'

Amitabh Bachchan, he is one of the most honoured actors of Bollywood, and I'm yet to see him without Beard since 2011. Actually, he is the one who started the beard trend in Bollywood with French Beard. Well, he was supposed to wear the beard style for the thriller movie Aks, but he ended up keeping the look permanently. Even for the latest award show, he came with the same beard style that he has been carrying with royalty.

To all those style pundits who are still waiting for the end of Beards: 'Beards are here to stay.' Period.

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