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Isaiah Webb, the man with "Incredibeard"

Isaiah Webb, the man with "Incredibeard"

It is not often that I find people who have tamed their passion for beard into a profession. Hence I was surprised when I came across Isaiah Webb, the man with "Incredibeard." I happen to read his interview on Sputnik where he shared the story behind his beard, which made him “famous” on social media.

Webb's beard is amazing and he experiments with it in all shapes and sizes. His beard can take any form, and with this unique art, he has harbored love, attention, and followers from all over the world.

Each of his posts tells a different story. Here is a collection of my favourite:

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful women out there. #incredibeard #beard
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So, I thought my fellow beard brothers should definitely hear his incredible beard story. He narrated his story to Sputnik:

"This started when my wife suggested I grow out my beard. When the beard was getting long enough to move into different shapes, we started posting online. We figured we'd make more designs since so many people liked it. Since we kept receiving more and more fans, we kept making more designs. Inspiration for our designs comes from our fans, my wife and myself."

His instagram handle "incredibeard" currently has 156k followers and 226 posts. Every monday Isaiah has a #Monbeardday tradition where he publishes a photo of his creative way to wear a beard on Mondays.

Mr. Incredibeard explains, "All we use to create our styles is hairspray. To shape these styles we just use a blow dryer and hair pick. For certain designs we use a curling iron, or flat iron. We ALWAYS use a heat protectant product in my beard so we don't burn the hair"

Wasn't this our new year resolution as well?

What's your new beards resolution? #incredibeard #beard #GrowMoreBeard
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This one is surely a fun-tastic beard lover!

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