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How to handle a Neck Beard?

How to handle a Neck Beard?

Today, I am tackling a very common query raised by many of my readers. Before I answer it, you should learn this by heart, growing a beard is like a work of art.

It requires both hard work and detailing. No beard or facial hair is bad, it’s how you work on them or nurture them, that counts.
Remember Harnaam kaur, the 25years old Guinness Book world record holder.

Hence, when people shy away from their neck beard, I get upset. No beard is bad beard. What matters is the way you nurture it, maintain it and carry it.

I decided we will discuss ‘Neck beard’ at length in today’s post.

Neck beard or hair is one such style that requires careful choices and detailing.

First, you need to check if your neck hair can complement your face structure or not? Those of you who have some extra pounds and wish to cover up that double chin, well then, the neck beard is for you.

Though neck beard is a strict NO for certain beard styles, interestingly, it goes well with many other types.

short stubble or a gradually fading hair done with a trimmer have the power to enhance any beard style.

This style not only adds a certain ruggedness to your personality but also makes you look more masculine.

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