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Fashion style statements to suit your beard

Fashion style statements to suit your beard

My dear friend Jamshed sported a fine ‘Extended Goatee’ this Christmas. While the young man was inundated with compliments on Christmas Eve, New Year party proved to be a damp squib. Apparently, there wasn’t an iota of change in his overall style; his beard, in fact, was trimmed to perfection this time by expert hands. But then, what was it that left Jamshed high and dry?

Don’t scratch your head; Jamshed’s whiskers might have had a perfect look but his clothes didn’t. And because his dressing style didn’t match his beard flair, the man lost the New Year bet. Yes, you got it right. Your fashion statement needs to compliment your facial hair well to leave a mark both for you and your beard.

Street Style Hipster with beard

So, you've grown a beard and are flaunting it everywhere. You are also following my beard grooming tips. But it looks like; you are yet to update your fashion quotient. Brother, that beard deserves more than your ‘Wore-what-came-in-front-of-my-eyes’ attitude.
I agree it takes patience to grow beards, but to up your fashion game, you need more than just patience. So here are some tips about styling and how you could give a makeover to your wardrobe that suits your beard style.

Casual style with beards
Casual style:
You can make a thundering style statement with a casual look and done to perfection beard. Plain t-shirt with slim pattern jeans, combined with Converse shoes. You can also add a coat or a jacket and add to your swagger. Make sure to team them with your aviators.
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Hipster style:
Your family has already labelled you a hipster, so just go ahead and prove them right. Break the stereotype and go for unusual colours. You can also add beard jewellery to bring the punch factor.
The lumberjack style with beard
The lumberjack style:
You must have come across those men in Hollywood movie, who are wearing the checkered shirt with black jeans cutting trees? You can pull a masculine look for your day with chinos, checkered shirt, and leather boots. Your beard cannot have it better!
Denim style look with beard
Denim Style:
The old-school denim is still making big style statements in the fashion industry. Plain t-shirt with denim jackets and jeans; add-in a hat and your loafers. You're ready to make the beards countrymen proud.
Beard baba
Suit Up:
There are enough pictures of suited up bearded men to prove my point here. Suits complement mostly all kinds of beard styles. So, go for the vintage suit style for your friend’s upcoming wedding to stand out in the crowd.

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