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Coconut oil isn’t just for Deepika Padukone’s hair; it can help your Beard too!

Coconut oil isn’t just for Deepika Padukone’s hair; it can help your Beard too!

Many of you have often asked me the secret to my whiskers. Well, though I always took the credit myself (which is true, nevertheless) but it’s a lot to do with genetics too. Incidentally, not everyone is as lucky as many of us.

Some men do face trouble growing their facial hair and while we can’t do much about genetic makeups but if it’s outside that realm, this piece is for you. Today, I am sharing secrets of an elixir that can give a boost up to your whiskering without any side-effects and without leaving a hole in your pocket,

Last time, when I spoke about "Ayurvedic Solutions for Beard Growth", where I shared several ayurvedic ways with you that can help you grow a beard. But, I just discovered that a simple household item like ‘Coconut Oil’ can work wonders for your skin as well as your hair including those donning your chin and cheeks.

You might not want to believe me, but as always my research is backed by scientific logics. The coconut oil has anti-fungal properties that will not only benefit your face, making you look fresh but also promote healthy hair growth. One of the advantages of using coconut oil is that it gets instantly absorbed by the skin and your hair leaving them lustrous and shiny.

A few things to get you going for your daily routine. Here is how you should start:

Take a small amount of oil in your hands and gently rub your hands together. Do you know why we do this? Because we pass on our body heat to the oil. After that, you need to start applying the oil from the ends of your beard, going all down to the roots. Now that you know how to apply it, let me tell you the benefits of coconut Oil.

1. Firstly, coconut oil is the simplest and hassle-free way to control wild or frizzy hair and allows you to better control and shape your beard. The oil gets deep into those hair follicles and softens the shafts right down to the roots, it will make you beard look healthier and can be combed or brushed more easily.

2. Our Beards need moisture to be healthy. Coconut oil can not only lock in that moisture but also soothe the dryness of the skin. When the beard is hydrated, it grows more easily, feels softer, and can be managed with less difficulty.

3. The healing properties of coconut oil restore damaged cells and tissues of your skin. Healthier skin will lead to faster and better hair growth.

4. Coconut beard oil will create a softer beard without leaving behind that greasy residue that is present in the lactic acid of low-grade beard oils and conditioners.

5. In case, you want to shave your beard for the sheer joy of growing it back, you can use coconut oil instead of that shaving cream. It will soften both the skin and hair, making it much easier to glide the razor over those areas. That’s not all. Well, you can even use the same lubricant as the after-shave.

Do let me know your experience. Did it help you in the long run?

Till then ciao!

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