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Mutton Chops, Which one to go for? Classic version and the Friendly one

Mutton Chops, Which one to go for? Classic version and the Friendly one

When I was discussing Mutton chops earlier, did I tell you they are both fun and class?

I have always felt that they never fail to add a distinctive character to your personality.

They comprise of aggressive and fierce sideburns that extend up to both ends of your chin and even merge with the moustache. Remember to carry them with sheer confidence.

Beard Baba Mutton Chops

Now for some technical soundness for the beard style, the chin area is clean shaven here and the lower crest of cheekbones is used as an imaginary border to trim it in style.

Now, what I find the fun part is that you can switch up the two styles when you want a change, and it will look completely different from the other style. Do you get what I am saying?

Let me take up both one by one. Talking about classic or regular mutton chops, here you have both sideburns extending up to the corners of your chin. As one goes lower down the cheek area, this growth gets even fiercer and then starts tapering down as it reaches the jawline and meets with it in a narrow end.

Popular mainly with men my age, this one’s a fancy yet fierce look for older men.

Beard baba Mutton chops

While, 'friendly mutton chops' is a smoother version of the former. They are trimmed short and even the moustache hair length is trimmed short.

The history of the friendly mutton chops dates all the way back to the Civil War, where general Ambrose Burnside wore the sideburns which eventually were named after him. And then, of course, our very own Wolverine.

n the case of the classic mutton chops, you don’t necessarily need a moustache while in the case of friendly mutton-shops you sure do need them. It is a part of the style. Also, folks, you need harder work with the friendly mutton chops.

Keeping the friendly mutton chops trimmed is very important to maintain consistency with the help of adjustable trimmers.

So, tell me now which one will you try this year?

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