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Maybe not all men, but all women for sure

Maybe not all men, but all women for sure

Crimes against women shed light that out of three, two women go through some or other kind of molestation, sexual abuse etc. Adding to the injury is the fact that every woman goes through gender bias many times in their lifetime.

So post reading newspapers and the faces around me, I have realized, may be “not all men” are behind the horrid conditions. But, all women; are subjected to crimes directed specifically against them.

On New year’s eve women were groped, pawed, pounced upon and abused by drunk revellers with thousands of people around. But hey, despite women going through a horrid time, no cases of molestation were registered with the Bengaluru police. Women were at the mercy of other men around to escape the horror.

Bengaluru’s night of shame proved once again that molestations and groping aren’t so much about sex as about the skewed power equations. It’s about seeing women as some fantasy objects and not real human beings with the mind of their own.

Something is not right with the state of our country. You and I may be the reason for it. Did you know crimes against women are reported every two minutes?

Which means by the time you have finished reading this article there will be some more women being harassed or subjected to violence. Approximately 848 Indian women are attacked, raped, killed every day. Worse almost all of these women are raped by their neighbours, parents, a close family member or other relatives.

Some studies suggest that one in three women has experienced physical/or sexual/emotional violence since the age of 15. I am not even counting the numbers that don’t even get reported.

We laugh and share these sexist jokes every day, we act as silent spectators as perpetrators go about. We may not be committing these crimes but we aren’t doing enough to stop them.

So #NotAllMen for me is just a phrase to shun away the collective responsibility. By being a mute spectator to all that goes around us makes us equally guilty. To all those who still think not all men, my reply is all women; for sure!

Let’s take a vow and carry the responsibility to stop this, being the right guy is not enough. It is essential to ensure that no one is wronged.

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