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How to decide the right beard style?

How to decide the right beard style?

When I was starting to grow a beard, I always wished for someone who could guide me for the rights and wrongs. Trust me, I know how it feels to start without direction or knowledge. Hence, when I got to acquire this beautiful asset of mine in its present form, I had it all sorted.

I decided to tell the world, what all it takes and what all is needed to pursue a certain style of beard. So, you don't feel alone or directionless, I am here to help guide and steer you ahead.

Let us begin the journey of beards, step by step. So, certain styles require styling products, but most do not and simply require periodic grooming to maintain the look. I’ll say “Seize opportunity by the beard, for it is bald behind”.

1. Facial Features:

The style of beard that you choose should suit your facial features and your patterns of facial hair. If you have trouble growing hair on your cheeks but not on your chin, a goatee style may work for you. Consider some variation of a jawline beard if you cannot grow a mustache but can grow hair along your jawline. Individuals with round faces should try facial hair styles that have the effect of making faces appear masculine and oval-shaped, like Circle Beard. Let’s name all the styles.

2. Facial Shapes:

Can you imagine a man with square face carrying the goatee style? Now, as you can see how you can spoil the month’s effort of growing beard within few minutes of “styling” it, let’s check the right beard style according to the face shapes so that you don’t make the major mistake.

Different face shapes for men to get the best beard style

a) Oblong Face:

Oblong Face

If you have an Oblong (rectangular) face, then you may want to soften their jaw line while giving their face a less elongated look. A beard can do that beautifully if you choose a style such as a chin curtain or a short box beards.

b) Heart Face:

Some men have a heart shaped face with a pointed narrow chin, giving their face a more triangular look. In this case, a full beard styling that extends a bit beyond your face can give your chin a more rounded look. However, make sure that the part of the beard that goes beyond the chin is rounded at the bottom, not pointed.

c) Square Face:

Square Face

Square faced persons have a strong jaw line. However, in some cases jawline is a little too strong, making some men want to soften their appearance. The best way to soften that jawline is to choose an all over beard that is clipped close to the face. This softens the bottom of your face giving it a slightly more rounded look.

d) The Narrow Face

If you have a long narrow face, then the best style is a beard that keeps the hair on your chin to a minimum length. The longer the beard, the longer your face will tend to look. So, keep that hair in the chin area shorter to help make your face look a little shorter as well.

e) The Round Face

Round face

Long full beards with bushy sideburns will only make your face look more round. Individuals with round face should avoid the full beard look. Instead, choose a nice goatee styling that helps to narrow the face at the sides and make it slightly longer. Having a moustache that meets your goatee and doesn’t extend past the corners of your mouth will give your entire face a narrow look.


It’ll be wise to consider your occupation and lifestyle when choosing a beard type. If you work in a job that does not allow beards because safety reasons, you'll have to act accordingly. If you are not a fan of trimming, pick a style that is relatively easy to maintain. It’s not hard to grow a beard, anyone can do that. But the carrying the right style with right attitude is what matters!!

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