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How to take care of bald patch in Beard?

How to take care of bald patch in Beard?

This is more important than you think it is

#DidYouKnow Chinese considered a thin patchy beard, an indicator of ill health that gets worse as the subject ages.


My dad often told me that he was glad that I was not going through the same phase as his. he had certain issues with his beard and bald patches. So, did some of my friends from college. Many of them left the chase for it without putting up a fight.

That is when I realised that there has to someway to find a lasting solution for bald patches.

Fear no more, I am here and I hear you. It is common for men to lose sleep over bald beard patches. However, your genetics plays a vital role in what your beard will eventually look like. For you are at no fault for certain internal filtering of genes. But here’s how you can tackle your bald patch issues otherwise.

1. Encounter It

First and foremost, start diligently researching to get to the root cause of your beard bald patch. If the result comes up as common as “Alopecia areata” (AA), then sit back and rest. AA is the sign of unhealthy beard; it is sudden and temporary disorder of hair loss. The hair re-growth can be embarked in the span of 3-12 months; depending upon hair growth. The causes of AA can be heredity, emotional stress, fungal infection in hair follies etc. To encounter AA, you need to get ample sleep, rest, and exercise.

2. Grooming

Just a beard is not good enough. It should look like its been taken care of.

Grooming Kit

Grooming your beard is as much important as grooming yourself. Use essential beard oils available with extracts of rosemary will rehydrate, almond will make your skin healthy, and lactic acid as they act as anti-ageing. Coconut oil and sesame oil are commonly used to grow beard dark in the color; helping to hide the bald patches on beard. Also, post oiling pick a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles.

3. Diet

Focus on your diet for your influential growth of your beard. Sometimes you lack to grow facial hair only because your body does not possess the essential minerals like zinc, magnesium which comes from spinach, seafood, nuts, mushroom, chicken etc. Perfect diet along with tight workout regimen is a must. So, eat well and look handsome.

4. Proper Treatment

Visit a dermatologist if bald patch sustains for a longer period and visible thinning of rest of the beard. Getting help from a professional will help you in hiding the bald beard patches. Also, make sure to acquire thorough knowledge regarding the beard treatment before getting it done. Don’t just jump in getting it done; study the pros and cons with the help of professional.

5. Shampoo & Conditioner

Everything needs attention; make sure your beard stands top on the list. Prioritize yourself with maintaining the hygiene of your beard. Wash your beard with sulphate and paraben free beard shampoos and conditioners. Shampoos and conditioners including Vitamin A, B, B6, C, and E are best to pick.

Washing will kick out those left out food, dirt particles from your beard. Give your beard some breathing space and let it work on your bald beard patch.

6. Find Your Calling

Beard styles

Don’t consider yourself less than others if you cannot grow a full beard. Even the top celebrities can’t really grow a thick beard. But what changes the game is that they have shaped their style as per the growth of their beard. Now your take is to pick a correct beard style to hide the bald patch. You have a lot to choose from like a Circle beard, Goatee, Extended Goatee, Van Dyke, Anchor etc. 

So, what are you waiting for?

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