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Diet Suggestions for better beard growth

Diet Suggestions for better beard growth

“Clean and voluminous beard is always a turn on for every woman ...”

... and this fact cannot be denied. To get going with all your guilty pleasures, you need to aim on growing a bigger and better beard.

So my mate, I decided pay attention to my lady's words and the measures she takes to grow her hair long and got started. Then, I checked with my dermo and to my surprise, he said this diet works wonders for good hair growth (including beard) irrespective of gender.

1. Spinach for Smoothness

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Spinach, possessing the best of the benefits for your health; is full of amazing nutrients. Spinach has tons of vitamin A, vitamin C and iron, they work together to form a healthy scalp and mane. Spinach soup results best upon hair growth.

2. Grow with greek yogurt

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Greek yogurt is a protein rich source, the building block of your locks. It helps with blood flow of your scalp and improves the hair growth. Greek yogurt is also packed with vitamin B, which help against hair thinning and loss.

3. Luster with eggs

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Eggs, the excellent source of protein, helpful in nourishment of your hair. You can eat egg in whichever form you want. An egg is a complete package of vitamin B and biotin, which helps in shinning and strengthening of your hair. Next time you see an egg, don’t let it go uneaten.

4. Guava to prevent damage

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The best in taste guava, protects your hair from brittle and breakage. The best source of vitamin C, guava is the best oral supplement to get rid of thinning hair. A cup of seasonal guava is highly recommended.

5. Salmon for shine

Beard Baba Salmon for Beard Source:

The easiest way to get Omega-3s from a natural resource is by consuming salmon. Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory; hence they get you rid of hair shedding. Salmon add shine to your hair. Male balding pattern is directly associated with insulin resistance; and salmon is the one food that helps the body process insulin more efficiently.

And when the mane world is driving woman crazy, with their alluring beard. I’m sure you can do it too. 

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