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Goatee beard

Goatee beard

The simplest and the most popular beard style, goatee.

here are no hard and fast rules to keep a goatee beard style.

With goatee you look mature, you look serious, and it comes easy.

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Keeping your beard unshaved and untrimmed for a few days and outline it in the shape of Goatee. When a goatee style doesn’t suit you singly, pair it by growing your moustache. I believe it works.

There a lot to know about the history of Goatee beard style.

This style is named Goatee as they resemble the beard of a billy goat.

The origin of Goatee was found in the ancient Greek and ancient Rome when their deity “pan” was outlined with it.

Pan was a half-man and half-goat god. Later somehow the Greek deity pan became Satan by the deeds of Christians.

Beard Baba Goatee half goat Sir Van Dyke, the famous blemished painter, portrayed the series of a man wearing a Goatee. Van Dyke gained a lot of respect to Goatees.

Later in the 19th century, Goatee became the symbol of free spirit and rebel for poets, painters, intellectuals and dropouts.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of United States styled his beard Goatee during his last months of presidency. The evolutionary moment made Goatee popular as ever.

By 1969, Shaggy the teenage sleuths from the famous Scooby-Doo cropped up Goatee beard.

There are many famous celebrities also who have picked Goatee to get their beard styled like Ben Affleck in Shakespeare in love, Will smith in Enemy of the state, Jeffery sems in cupid, and Brad Pitt on the premier of Pirates of the Caribbean.

In India, Goatee became famous as ever and kept called as “Amitabh Bachan’s Beard Style” and then the trend went on and on from Emraan Hashmi to Ranveer Singh.

Planning to get Goatee Beard Style? Well, it shouldn’t take you a second thought now.

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