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Best Beards on television, 2016

Best Beards on television, 2016

2016 might not have been a great year politically or economically. There’s much you would want to forget as a bad dream in 2017. But when it comes to fashion and style statement, there surely is much to cherish and of course, my personal favourite is how beards became a rage across all walks of life- both with young and old.

Though on and off we have always had men sporting a stubble or beards (especially the older generation) on television, what made 2016 special was the art and craft of bearding that took the TV by storm. From thick moustaches to full beards, here’s to all the hunks who sculpted their facial hair to perfection:

1. Rahul Kohli, iZombie

Beardbaba Best Beards on television, 2016

Let’s get started with our desi star Rahul Kohli playing the role of Liv’s close friend Ravi on iZombie. Rahul sports a neatly done full beard that goes well with his face and also with his role as a science expert.

2. Mark Paul Gosselaar, Pitch (Fox)

Beard baba Best Beards on television, 2016

Mark Paul Gosselaar’s perfect lumberjack beard is sculpted to kill as Mike Lawson on Fox's Pitch.

3. Jamie Dornan, The Fall (Netflix)

Beard baba Best Beards on television, 2016

Jamie Dornan might be playing the bad guy on the show but that shouldn’t stop us from appreciating his looks, all thanks to his beard. Undoubtedly, Paul’s facial hair play a crucial role in seducing his women.

4. Joshua Sasse, No Tomorrow (The CW)

Beard baba Best Beards on television, 2016

Next in contention has to be No Tomorrow's Xavier, a man without any qualms or conviction. His close kept, a golden-brown beard is enough to make any woman go weak in her knees.

5. Milo Ventimiglia, This Is Us (NBC)

Beard baba Best Beards on television, 2016

Milo Ventimiglia’s 1970s full beard amongst many other that he has sported in the show suits him the best and surely ranks amongst best on TV presently.

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