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Lit-up your beards with fairy lights this Christmas

Lit-up your beards with fairy lights this Christmas

I might be from the old school of beard lovers.  But, I like to keep up with time and have been closely following the art of bearding and the new found love for accessories.

I have been on the hunt for things, that can adorn our beards and help us show our love for them as well. Something that can be like the "X" factor for the beard itself. 

Beard accessories exist but, I was looking at something that will make sure I am 'celebrating' beards. It is then that I stumbled upon this NEW thing that lit up my eyes and my beard. :)

Lit-up your beards with fairy lights this Christmas

Accessorising the beard with glitter was a huge rage last Christmas and I have decided to give it a try this Christmas aswell. From subtle goldens and greys to purple and red glitter streaking, the beards were teeming with colours last time around. But, this year let's welcome home Santa with lights and baubles.

So, try twinkling fairy lights in red, white, yellow, blue or any other colour of your choice shall be your beard style statement this festive season. If you are worried about the tangled wires, fret not, they are like clip-ons.

From Bandholz to full beard to Shenandoah style, fairy lights have a sparkling charm to enhance your beard.

Do remember a good shampoo and conditioning session is a must before you give it a try. Lights are there to add beauty to your beard and not to highlight the frizziness.

Add a couple of baubles or some glitter for extra brightness!

Beard baba Lit-up your beards with fairy lights this Christmas

Merry Christmas in advance.

Image Sources- East Village E20

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