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Harnaam kaur, a woman legend with beard

Harnaam kaur, a woman legend with beard

A real Beard lover knows that beard has nothing to do with gender. I believe, growing a beard and maintaining it is an art. It takes patience, courage and hardwork.

Harnaam Kaur is befitting example of what it takes to have a beard. Yes, she is a woman with the beard. But look at her, doesn't she have one of the most stunning facial hair ever? The way she carries it makes all the difference.

She is 25 years old, a model and a Guinness world record holder. Harnaam’s beard measures at 3 inches in some places and an impressive 6 inches in others.

Wondering for what? I would say she holds the record for two reasons- first as the youngest woman to have a full beard; secondly for her confidence and her choice to embrace her natural self with exuberance.

Harnaam Kaur from Slough in Berkshire in south-east England sports a six-inch-long beard, a symptom of her polycystic ovaries that results in excessive hair growth.

After enduring years of bullying, Kaur has turned herself into a body confidence advocate, model and Instagram star, subverting gender stereotypes and beauty standards as she goes. I told you having a beard is awesome, irrespective of the gender you hold it for.

She describes her beard as part of her quest to overcome years of bullying to cope with her appearance.

Though, she first started growing her facial hair as part of her decision to be baptised as a Sikh, a religious commitment that forbids cutting hair but today she calls it symbol of her strength and a way to project pride in her identity.

So friends, respect Beard for it is a symbol of strength, maturity and endurance. Who better than Harnaam to advocate it!

Pictures: http://www.guinnessworldrecord...

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