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Stubble Beard Style

Stubble Beard Style

Let’s talk about Stubble now, the middle ground between clean shaven look and beard bonhomie. While beard adds to your manliness, stubble makes you look charming and suave. This care-free rugged look with a low-profile hair coating is all you need to make a woman go weak in her knees!

But having a perfect stubble look isn’t as easy as it looks. From deciding the exact follicle length that suits you to shaping and grooming it does require some efforts. In most cases, a stubble of 3 to 5 mm works best. If you go beyond, you have a baby full beard while something shorter simply looks like your shaver needs a replacement.

Interestingly, Stubble too has its variant.

There’s Short stubble that is the initial stage of stubble beard style and looks pretty simple but you do need proper trimming and care to maintain the perfect look. Looks really good for precise, oval, heart-molded and round-formed appearances.

Beard baba stubble-short

Though from Bradley Cooper to George Clooney, many Hollywood stars have donned the short scruffy look but it surely cannot get better than Beckham!

Beard baba Short stubble beard style

Medium stubble is usually of length 0.5-1cms. Start off by growing out your stubble. As it grows out, easier it gets to maintain and trim it.

Beard baba stubble-medium

Long/Heavy Stubble requires both time and grooming. Let the whiskers free for a couple of weeks up to a length of about 1.5-2cms. Proper trimming and hair oil is the key here.

Beard baba stubble-long

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