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Garibaldi Beard

Garibaldi Beard

Garibaldi, unofficially is a member of the full beard family. That means getting the base of it will be achieved by the same method as the Classic Full Beard.

beard baba garibaldi

It is basically a wide and full beard with a rounded bottom and an integrated moustache. The Garibaldi should be no more than 20 cm in length.

Though, the beard can be allowed to grow naturally, the moustache needs to be kept neat. Garibaldi is for those who prefer a natural looking unkempt style.

For those interested in history: it’s named after one of the key figures in the foundation of Italy, General Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Beard baba garibaldi beard

It was beautifully carried by one of the most talented actor of Hollywood, Late Robin Williams. Who can ever forget him?

Beard baba garibaldi beard

Beard Baba Garibaldi Beard

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