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Beards are rewarding, not age

Beards are rewarding, not age

Greetings everyone! Guess what, I have a very interesting anecdote to share. I met my college professor yesterday and bet he looked dapper than ever. He always had a full well-maintained beard.

But he just keeps getting better. That is when I realized that, growing Beards is hard, but carrying it with royalty is even harder. And those who are able to pull off those awesome Beard style, are always rewarded.

I am saying by experience not just of my personal ones. But, I have examples to prove my point.

Let's take our favorite Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. His first Oscar came for "The Revenant" where he had one awesome beard. What better reward than this! ;)

Jokes apart, meet this "60-year-old gentleman" who became a fashion model after growing a Beard. Growing a beard has its own benefits you see. Philippe Dumas, is a 60-year-old male model based in Paris, who has been making waves on the internet for his rugged good looks.

Beards are rewarding, not age

"At the age of 60, it wasn't really easy to find a new job in the advertising business since it's a very young environment," Dumas said. "So, I went to modeling agencies."

Showing that age is just a number, this man was applauded by many including millennials. He received 360,000 views on the photos that he shared online. And the rest - modeling offers, ads agencies - followed.

Wait, this is not all, meet 80-year-old Deshun Wang. Just look at him, man!!

At the 'ripe age' of 79, the theater actor-turned-model walked shirtless in a fashion show during 2015 China Fashion Week.

"There is no too late. You just need to set your mind to it," said Wang in a video interview. This man is too much of inspiration. Wang started learning English at the age of 44, learned pantomime at 49, and started working out at 50. At the age of 57, he came up with a performance art form 'living sculpture,' at 65, he learned to ride a horse. He started working on his abs when he was 70, and he learned how to drive a motorbike at 78. And at 79 he became a sensation.

There are many more names not defied by age. Age is just a number, beard keeps them going.

Just scroll down to check them out:

Fransisco Cipriano

Fransisco Cipriano

Anthony Varrecchia, 53 Years Old

Beards are rewarding, not age

T. Michael, 50 Years Old


Aiden Brady, 50 Years Old

Aiden Brady

My belief in the beard system has definitely strengthened after I got to know about these awesome men!

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