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Bandholz Beard Style

Bandholz Beard Style

Remember, the kind of beard you wear on your face, it will reflect your personality. So if you are opting for a Bandholz Beard Style, then you have to be bold and courageous, my friend.

Beard baba Bandholz Beard

Bandholz Beard Style is perhaps one of the most common types of beard found. It is kind of an expansion of the full beard.

Reason: Easy to grow, easy to wear and easy to maintain.

Unlike Garibaldi Beard Style, Bandholz Beard doesn't stop at 20cm. You have to let it grow freely.

Strong Beard growth is one of the major demand for this beard style. Don't touch your shaving kit for at least a year, if your beard growth is slow or scanty. In the case of medium hair growth, use olive oil or coconut oil to give your beard strength and enhanced growth.

For more natural tips to grow your beard you can read Ayurvedic Solutions for Beard Growth.

Once you get the desired growth, use a pair of scissors to trim it to a uniform length but remember to maintain the long length. That's it and you're done!

Obviously, you want to know the history of this iconic beard Style. It all started, when Eric Bandholz was stuck in a corporate world. Though he had a strong desire to grow beards, he was unable to do so because of his profession.

Once he left his job (what a perfect decision), he started to grow his legendary beard. Today, he owns a beard brand.

Beard Baba Bandholz Beard

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