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Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard

A goatee combined with a moustache is what makes a Van Dyke Beard. It is also called the circle beard.

Van Dyke

Beardsmen who want to have a neater appearance, the Van Dyke style is the answer. It combines a rounded goatee and a mustache to create the distinct round shape.

When a full beard is not well maintained, it looks untidy, wild and unappealing. This beard allows you to remain neat and at the same time have some facial hair. When a man is sporting this look, he needs to have the rest of his cheeks to be completely smooth and free of facial hair.

A Van Dyke looks better if it is more defined; hence the ones who choose this style need to pay close attention to the shape of the chin beard, keeping in mind that the lines remain clear as time passes.

The popularity of this beard has increased over time cause of the fact that it is easy to maintain, as long as the beard retains its round shape and short hair.

It suits best on men with a square jaw line.

Facts related to the history of this beard include:

This style got its name in the 17th century from a Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke, this style being his signature look.

When sporting the Van Dyke, the rest of the beardsmen cheeks have to be completely smooth and free of facial hair.

This style is prominent in the current era. It is also followed in Management schools as well as the corporate structure. Even Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities follow this style of beard nowadays.

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