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Ducktail Beard Style

Ducktail Beard Style

The Ducktail style of beard is yet again similar to a full beard.

Differentiated by the bottom part of the beard, that looks similar to the tail of the duck.

Grow a full beard first and then trim it accordingly to get a perfect ducktail beard.

The upper portion of the beard is trimmed shorter while the hair on the chin area is allowed to grow as long as one wants it to grow, providing a perfect blend of style and rugged.

It is considered as a perfect compromise between the wild characteristic of having a beard and well-groomed sophistication, making it one of the most popular styles of today.

Beard baba ducktail bear style

It is suitable for all face cuts.

Current day celebrities with this style include Zach Galifianakis, Mel Gibson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

This style is the current day trend, most men nowadays are adapting the ducktail style as it suits most face cuts.

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