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Anchor Beard

Anchor Beard

It’s a beard that has been shaped in the form of an anchor.

Anchor Beard

For a perfect anchor, a beard man’s face must be free from sideburns and he should have a beard that extends along the jaw line. Then accordingly it can be shaped to get a proper anchor.

It is really tricky to get a perfect anchor as it’s a combination of many styles such as chinstrap, goatee, and handlebar.

It is suitable for men with Square or Oblong shaped faces, not everyone can pull off this style.

Facts relating to the history of the anchor beard include:

Anchor beard resembles the shape of an anchor and hence has derived its name from the same. Sports and fashion icon David Beckham wore this style really well.

beard baba Anchor Beard

Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Robert John Downey Jr., Hugh Jackman are the Hollywood actors who once had this beard as their style statement.

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